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Are you guys planning to add android version to google play store? i really want to buy your game but i don't have a paypal or credit card

Hey there! Thank you for your interest in Aquadine! We'll see what we can do!


I know this is a kinetic visual novel but does it have choices?

There is one choice after clearing the common route, which is the character select screen. You can follow any route you like from there in whichever order. Once you clear all four, you unlock the epilogue. Hope that helps!


My full review on @Aquadine

Start  off say game was a totally amazing experience for me.

Anya Taeli
She's been kind of shy, funny and she also transforms into a human to a mermaid spoiling alert to get to know her backstory was totally amazing everything about it, I like it how she says whatever that part was funny she was great her performance was awesome by the actress Jane Redd.

Diana Frezner
Funny had a great  personality, but she did have her moments with her and her mom broken down tears and everything else overall she was definitely amazing, her and her performance was amazing set type of girls I would love to hang out with great personality great attitude everything else and the great actress that played her by Meghan Nigrelli.

Elizabeth Rhodes
She's been an amazing person completely understand her backstory she loved and cared about everything her friend in the game and everybody else and a great actress that played her by AmaLee

Cameron Young
She was being bullied when she was young, she wanted to hang out  with the boys and they said no cuz she's a girls spoiling alert overall her performance was great, fantastic she was also funny and some cases she welling to do anything to help her friends out karate girls performance.

The places in this game were amazing the environment music performance very nice awesome, fantastic, especially under the water scenes in the game that was freaking awesome to experience that throughout the playthroughs on each character.

Robin, mom Torrie Liyun 
Her performance was amazing had touching moments that literally made me cry throughout the playhouse when I see her in hospital bad, but overall she cared about other people she helped other people get through the struggles and that was totally amazing great actress played by her Heidi Tabing.

Do I recommend you play this game? Absolutely, it's an amazing visual novel game in my opinion it's the best visual novel 2021.

Banjo totally cut a little cat in the game I like the fact that he gets angry, it's so funny how they did it performance very well done.

Thank you developers give me the opportunity to experience your game 


Played on Steam


Awesome game!

I bought the Game+OST on Steam because no OST here T_T

And the Soundtrack is beautiful...

Thank you so much! We're glad you enjoyed the music! Feel free to leave a review on Steam! That would help a lot!


Visuals and the music are so lovely! Just finished Cameron's and Diana's routes, still have Elizabeth's and Anya's. I'm loving their individual stories and the lessons you learn as you get to know the characters more.  Well I don't want to spoil anything so try it out.  I'm looking forward to more games by this developer.  

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts about my writing as well as the art and music! We're thrilled you're enjoying it so far!

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The full version price seems a bit steep for its word count. If it's like less than or around 10 USD perhaps I'd consider to buy :)

Hello! Sorry to hear this price is just outside of your budget! Aquadine is medium length, which takes around 10-30 hours by VNDB standards. Each of these routes are completely unique to each other, so you won't have to reread anything. We've trimmed content during editing and testing to convey our story as efficiently as possible. We also offer access to full PC, Mac, and even Android versions with a single purchase on this site. Of course, feel free to keep eye on another sale at a later time. Thank you for showing interest in Aquadine!

Oh, that's wonderful if you can access inter platform with single purchase. I'll be keeping an eye when another sales open, right now it is outside my budget indeed :')


I know there's an android version for the demo, but what about the full release? It doesn't seem to appear on the downloads, try to let me know before the sale ends!

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The android version has been added!


I just played the Aquadine demo and I'm impressed!  The visuals are gorgeous, the music lovely, and the premise is intriguing.  Can't wait until its full release next year!

Thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed it! I'll be sure to check out your game as well when I get the chance!

Aww thank you! 


I got to demo this game at anime weekend atlanta with my dad a year or two back. I was super bummed it wouldn't be coming out for the mac but it seems that's changed? either way it's a really refreshing thing to read and i'm very fond of it

Thank you! We plan to release it for the Mac. Not sure if I accidentally misinformed you at AWA, but I'm glad you enjoyed the demo!


Do you plan on adding anymore to this?

We plan to have the full release out in a couple of months. Still in testing.


Oi eu sou do brasil, é me interessei bastante nesse jogo, eu sei que ele ainda está em desenvolvimento, mais queria saber se ele terá uma tradução em português?

Hello! As of right now, we don't have plans to localize Aquadine in other languages yet, but maybe in the future. Our priority is to release in English first. Thank you very much for your interest! I'll keep everyone updated if we add other languages later!


I love the op For Aquadine makes want to play the Full game when it comes out!!!!


Thanks! We love the OP, too! We're still in beta testing, and I'll let you guys know when we have a release date!


Really enjoying the demo to Aquadine so far. ^o^


Thank you! We're working hard to make sure the full game will be a much better experience!




We're glad you enjoyed our demo! Thanks for sharing your awesome playthrough!


My pleasure, hope you've enjoyed watching it as much as I did enjoying your game! ^o^


whoa nice! good job!

Thank you very much! Feel free to follow us on social media for updates!


Amazing demo, I'm really looking forward to the release date, good work. Left at a cliffhanger though. I really can't wait. Nice CG and story. Introduced the characters nicely. I'll be here counting the days till the release

Thank you very much! We're currently in beta, and we'll announce a release date once testing is complete! We're glad you enjoyed the demo!


this is a lovely demo fo you have a full release date


Thank you very much! We're still in the middle of testing, but it may be possible for us to release late this year! We'll announce a release date later! Feel free to follow us on social media for updates!

will there be updates between now and then

Yes! We actually just finished updating all four character routes and are currently testing the last part of the story!

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wait a new update just came out?

or is a new update about to be released 


For updates, I mean I mostly just share progress on how we're doing with development. Sorry for any misunderstanding. We're working hard to make sure the full game is in its best condition before release.


The demo was Amazing! I'm honestly hooked! can't wait till it's fully released! the art was beautiful, the story intriguing and the characters were likeable, fun, interesting and endearing to me. 10/10 would recommend. 

Thank you very much! We're glad you enjoyed our demo and hope you're looking forward to the full release! Feel free to follow us here and our social media for updates!

Can't wait for it! :) 


Tried the demo version last year and Aquadine pretty much piqued my interest, the soundtrack was good and so was the art style! Can't wait to dig deeper into the story..... After reading some of the comments, I found out that its official release probably is in the mid-late 2020? 

If I may ask, will this be available in the Google Play Store? 

We're glad you're interested in Aquadine! Our goal is to release maybe late this year or early 2021 at the latest. Feel free to follow us on our social media for updates. Our priority is PC, but if we release the full game on Android, we'll certainly consider the Google Play Store.


It looks cool but I'm not a fan of demos lol. I just hate cliffhangers too much. Soo what is the status of the release? I totally wanna read this one!

We're glad you're interested! We're looking at a mid-late 2020 release. Follow us on our social media for updates!


Is there a full version or only the demo is available because i loveee this game

Thank you! We only released a demo for now, but we hope to have the full version out by next year! You can follow us here and our social media for updates!

Ahhh i see i can't wait!!!


I really like this game: The art, the music they're amazing. The story is also interesting. Love the game so far, keep it up!

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it!


I've only just started the  game, but the characters, backgrounds and CGs are extrememly pretty. The music is gorgeous too! I'm not far into the game, but im in love with the pretty characters and overall feel of the game! Keep it up!

Thank you very much! I'm glad you're enjoying the demo!

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